The Healing Power of Home

Complete Home Care

Personal Care
Complete Home Care allows Floridians to experience quality medical care in the comfort of their own homes. We offer a number of advantages that patients and their families should consider.

People in the comfort of their own homes are more willing to receive the disease education they need and are more willing to continue with therapy programs they need.

  • Care in your own home has proven psychological and emotional benefits.
  • When it comes to health education, we take our time to make sure our patients fully understand their medication schedules, their prescribed diets, their medical equipment etc. We make multiple visits spread over weeks or months to ensure there are no obstacles between you and your optimal health.
  • When learning strategies about how to maximize health and independence, the actual home makes the best classroom.

Complete Home Care of the Palm Beaches enhances your medical team without attempting to replace any existing members of your medical team.
We take orders from the doctor you already know and trust and only work in collaboration with your current doctor. We never ask patients to switch doctors. When there are multiple doctors making multiple prescriptions, we also work as your agent coordinating their orders and plans of care and better ensuring quality continuum of care.

Financially advantageous.
Complete Home Care of the Palm Beaches serves as an alternative to hospital and nursing home care for medically stable people. Receiving this care in the comfort of your home costs far less. In addition, the home health benefit under Medicare pays 100% of allowable charges from Complete Home Care of the Palm Beaches. No co pays. No deductibles.

If you or someone you know might benefit from nursing or therapy at home contact us today!


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