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Medical practices themselves receive important benefits when referring patients to Complete Home Care.

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Aside from the peace of mind that comes from making referrals to a Medicare certified, CHAP Accredited agency reputed for quality of care, there are direct benefits to the doctor and the medical practice.

Reduction of phone calls from patients with high levels of concern.
Complete Home Care keeps nurses on call 24/7 for your patients. Your patients call our nurses first, for attentive service. The doctor’s office staff or emergency department are only called in when necessary. This reduces the inconvenience and expense of emergency department utilization and reduces telephone call volume to your medical practice. Did you know that 0.6% of patients make 23% of after hours calls to doctors? This same small percentage of patients is much more likely to visit the ED, be hospitalized, and be re-hospitalized. When you refer these high risk patients to Complete Home Care of the Palm Beaches, we make a series of patient and family education visits to provide the knowledge, skills, and peace of mind that prevents unnecessary hospitalizations.

Increased office efficiency.
Geriatric patients have a lot to learn about managing their various health conditions, and they are more vulnerable to those conditions. Practice guidelines for the teaching these patients are supposed to receive are inconsistent with the time demands of successfully medical practices. This does not mean these guidelines should be ignored. It means doctors should make Complete Home Care part of their disease management strategies for older patients. We have a number of chronic disease management programs for your patients, so you can provide the expert recommended care while also providing appropriate time and attention for the rest of your patients.

Referring to home health and completing the referral paperwork is a billable, Medicare service. Medicare pays 100% of allowable charges from Complete Home Care.

To learn more about how doctors can make Complete Home Care of the Palm Beaches part of the patient care team, see the many specialty care paths we offer.

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